1990-91 Skybox Basketball Series 2 Hobby Box (Michael Jordan on Box)

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36 Packs

15 Cards Per Pack

The 1990-91 SkyBox Basketball checklist has 423 cards. This is divided into two series. The first has 300 cards while Series 2 is 123 cards. Series 2 packs are a mix of both series. To make room for the second group of cards, an equal number of Series 1 players were removed for Series 2 packs. Technically, this creates a large number of short prints across the entire print run. That said, there's so much of the product out there that it hasn't created any sort of major premium.

Likewise, due to the massive supply, even the top rookie cards don't command much on the secondary market today. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few standouts. Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Vlade Divac, Drazen Petrovic and Glen Rice are among the rookies on the checklist, which includes a Draft Picks subset in Series 2.